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Norwegian Nokkelost also known as THE CHEESE to Norwegians or "key" cheese. It was not imported into the U.S. for a period of time and an American version surfaced but other than being similiar in name was nothing in taste like the "true Norwegian" cheese.

This is a mild semi-hard cheese that has a very unique flavor which in part comes from the caraway seeds, cumin, and cloves. The primary ingredient though is cows milk and where they live, what they eat, drink, and how they are cared for makes all the difference in the world. It shows in this and in other fine Scandianvian cheeses we import. Tine is one of the finest and we sell several of them including Nokkelost.

We sell it by the pound, with 1/2 lb being the smallest quanity. We may limit quantities too during peak times to allow more of our customers to have at least some for their holidays/event. Price also may vary.

An additional cost for cold shipping as/if  needed will be added and we recommend coming in to pick it up in the summer(hot) months.

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